Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crisis, money, what?

Let's talk about this whole crisis everyone's on about. You see this pool? Pretty beautiful, right? Most people reading this post can't afford it. Okay, no issue right. Who need's a pool anyways, it's not like it would make you happy, or would it...

These children would do anything to drink the water in that pool. That's some deep stuff right there. But sure, this issue is far from us and we occasionally pretend we care by donating a few coins... But isn't it disgusting we spend a little bit of money to fill a pool with tons of water you could just drink? We have no idea how rich we are! It's disgusting really. But if you're an average guy like me then... 

As long as I'm getting passed by cars worth more then my house, I refuse to believe there's something called a crisis! The money didn't magically vanish of the earth, no. It kept streaming the wrong way and it always will... And now that the bigger guys notice the little ones stopped feeding them they called it a crisis. 
Money isn't the issue, it's how we've spread it in the wrong way.

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