Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dark Knight

Why so serious?

So, this post is a tribute to one of the best movies I have ever seen and ever will see. I'll post quite a bunch of movies I enjoyed watching being a movie fan and all... But damn, what a great movie this is!
I feel like its the Scarface of my generation, the movie you have to watch two or three times every year again.

The acting done is beyond anything I've seen before in these types of movies. Sure, there's more talent out there and all but the way Heath Ledger pulled of the Joker has to be one of the best works of art ever created by men.

The game about it, well I say it's about it but it's not 100% linked to it of-course. But it's about Batman and the bad guy is the Joker. But it plays in Arkham Asylum instead of Gotham City.
But, if you didn't try either yet you should definitely pick both the movie up and the game if you enjoy a good game.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Batman series either, but after watching this movie and playing the game I was really hyped. And then this one happened...

Tom Hardy came in and he wanted to beat up the bat, and he did. Sure, the hero always wins in the superhero movies but I really felt in the Batman movies the bad guys always had a good shot. I don't want to go on and do a movie review etc that's not what my blog is about, I just share stuff I enjoy that people should totally check out sometime.

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