Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Demon Souls 2

So, today I was doing my thing like a chicken wing and bumped into a gameplay video from Demon Souls 2? Turns out the rumours are right afterall and one of the hardest games I've ever played is getting a part two!

I've imported the original one (Picture is also DS1) together with my buddy but after a while we figured out the co-op wasn't exactly a co-op like we were enjoying on other games so we kinda dumped it early on.

Later on we did regret it but time went on and we never had a chance to pick it up again.

So here's the video and it looks more of the same, but for this type of game that's just fine. Personally I'm really hoping they do include a proper co-op mode this time cause that's what it's all about afterall.

If not I'm not sure I'll be picking it up really, cause it is hard as hell and I prefer co-op games in general. Did you guys beat the original? 

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