Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food issue's world wide

I"ll be honest guys, this does look delicious to me as-well. But that's exactly what I want to talk about. Our bodies evolved from hunting in the woods, running and working for days without food. Occasionally you would kill a rabbit and live from it for 2 days. So you would eat what, 1500kcals every 2-3 days?

Nowadays, you could easily stack up 3000-4000kcals a day not to mention you burn much less. But who's to blame? The Goverment? Naw. We've got lazy and enjoy the quick easy foods.

We don't care cause it's full with salts and fats, it tastes good, it's cheap and you enjoy eating it!

So, this looks more like what we have to eat. Vegetables and a whole bunch of it! Throw in a few eggs and chicken for protein and you're golden. So unless you wanna end up living with huge overweight, start counting those goddamn kcals. Sure, we should enjoy the occasional junkfood meal but it's not just those making us fat! 

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