Saturday, October 19, 2013

Everyone is depressed?

So... This is a hard one. I'm not posting this too make fun of people who are actually depressed, but I'm just watching life and this world from a distance sometimes and I can't help to notice basically everyone who's having a hard time or loses someone important gets the tag "Depression".

Why? I mean, no way the people in the time of hunting in the woods or slavery had such tags. You either felt good or sometimes you felt down, right? Maybe I'm just too stupid to understand what depression actually means. But why are you sad?

You see these poor kids smiling? They probably never get the chances you did. I sometimes think it's all about being happy with what you got and not being unhappy with all the fancy stuff you can't have. Sure, I would love to have a sports car and a huge fancy house with a butler but it doesn't make me unhappy knowing I'll likely never have this.

So if you could all start being happy with the fact you got what you got and you get what you can, and if you're having a hard time just get through it. Here's a quote: "When going through hell, keep going".

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