Friday, October 18, 2013

Traffic issues everywhere!

Traffic jam! Nothing beats a daily traffic jam, right? Just sitting there wasting your life doing absolutely nothing at all. So how can we solve this problem? You can't. We live in a society where's it all about saving time so we end up wasting time. And you're all to bloody stubborn to notice!

If we would spend a little bit more time organizing our travels we could carpool more efficient , we could use public transport, work from home, start and stop better hours and all that. 

Recently I saw a picture somewhere and it said something like "People are stuck in traffic with their cars, to spend less time on a static bike then they sit there". So basically, we go workout and all that so we need the car to save time. Yet we got no time spare... So why not bike to work? At the end of the day it's pretty much all the same right? Guess not, people don't enjoy giving up their luxury of having control of the now and then a car offers. 

Do you enjoy traffic jams? 

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